Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Chocolate chip cookie from Crumbs

Last Saturday, my boyfriend and I arrived early for a  birthday party (actually we arrived a day early, but that is a whole different story). We had time to kill (more than we ever knew), so we wandered around the mall for a half-hour, and found Giant Cookies at Crumbs bakery, so of course I purchased one to review. I've reviewed a cookie from Crumbs before; that one was chocolate peanut butter. This time I went the safe and sane route and got chocolate chip.

I was going to give this one 3 stars for the texture, until I got to the middle—so deliciously rich and soft but not gooey, and crunchy just a tiny bit on the outside! So I bumped up the rating by a star. I think it would have been improved even more by the presence of larger chocolate chips—the mini ones just don't quite have enough oomph.

The taste was just average, and that's really all I have to say about that.

But the price—oh, the price was not something to rejoice about. At $3.45 for a 140g cookie, I paid 2.46¢ per gram, which earns this cookie a solid 2 star price rating.

The Bottom Line:

Taste: 3 stars
Texture: 4 stars
Price: 2 stars


make.share.give said...

Picture- 4 stars- made me hungry
Mall cookie prices- 1 star

Jackie said...

Every time we see big cookies...I think of getting one and doing a review...in my head...not post it...but checking the texture, taste and price. Still have to do it.

Cathy said...

To think when I eat I cookie I just gobble it down. I am going to have to be a bit more thoughtful and consider it's texture and taste. I'm not sure I'd pay too much for a cookie so price may not be an issue. I think I'd have to add a chocolate index!

Your post made me hungry.