Monday, March 3, 2014

Cleaning out my closet

I'm not cleaning out my closet so much as I am moving it all around the room, but that seemed as catchy a title as any Eminem song reference.

You see, last week, I got the notion that it was a bad idea to keep my makeup, hair products, and skin care items (all chemically sensitive to heat and such) right smack dab in front of the sunniest window in my house. Which is, of course, where they were. Next to a table crammed with pots of cacti all fighting for a taste of the narrow band of sunlight that managed to make it into my room at the awkward angle necessary to reach the spot next to the window.

A simple solution to this problem would have been to switch them up, so the cacti sat in front of the window and the cosmetics sat next to it....But then the cosmetics would no longer be within arm's reach of the mirror....And I never liked the location of that mirror anyway—forcing me to vie for space with my wardrobe in order to get a good full-length view—nor, while we were on the subject, did I like the location of my earring rack.

Before I could tell myself to stop, the various boxes and baskets of beauty products were arranged artfully all over the floor, the clothes formerly in the wardrobe were covering the bed, and I was shoving furniture around the room trying to find the perfect arrangement, which would allow for a) seeing my whole self in the mirror and having elbow room at the same time, b) my houseplants to actually sit in the sunlight, c) my cosmetics to not sit in the sunlight and be close the mirror and not piled too high.

This is the kind of work that's tedious and maddening and that I inexplicably love. I can try arrangement after arrangement, moving everything 100 times, looking for the one that's perfect. I have occasionally stayed up organizing my domicile until 1 in the morning without starting to feel sleepy—and anyone who knows my sleep fanaticism knows that's something. Thursday night, however, I gave up at 11, because I had to go to work in the morning.

I put everything haphazardly in some semblance of "away," and it's now been 3 full days that my room has sat in organizational limbo. In a marathon tidying session on Saturday, I found new or improved homes for everything except a decorative box full of hair dyeing paraphernalia, and my full-length mirror. I want to move my mirror to the wardrobe door, but the mirror's just a tad too wide. I might even have to buy a new mirror, which will truly be something, because the last time I paid real money for home furnishings or decor was over 2 years ago when I had to buy a new desk to replace the one that fell apart when I was moving to my current house.

But my mirror situation is dire. Having moved it farther from the closet, now I vie for space with my computer chair, just to see my distorted reflection through the mirror that's currently propped up against the wall, and I'd have to develop rubber limbs to be able to claim my beauty products are within an arm's reach of it. I even went so far as to go to IKEA yesterday evening. But their cheap full-length mirrors were out of stock, so I went away empty handed. Phew! My streak of furniture non-spending remains unbroken. At least for a few more days.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your new arrangement. Those kinds of projects are fun!

Jackie said...

This is one reason I have not tackled the basement...some day we will get it so there is space to relax down there. I also wondered about you reaching for cosmetics and getting poked by a cactus.

Stacey said...

I immediately connected with your reorg piece. When I lived in Washington, DC (SO HOT!), I used to keep my makeup near the window. Not a great idea since it was so hot down there in the summer months. However, it was the only place that was light enough in that apt. to see what I was doing!