Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Simpler Fingers

Well, it's been 2 weeks since the start of Lent, and as is usually the case, my Lenten resolution has not proved nearly as hard to keep as I thought it would be.

Certainly, I have those moments, where I think for no reason, "I wish I were shopping." And almost once every day, I still find myself trying to plan my outfit for tomorrow. But on the whole, I haven't felt deprived—and I've had a whole lot more time in my schedule for Slicing and for learning.

One definite upshot to giving up Personal Adornment as Hobby for Lent is that I have realized it won't be that painful to kick the nail polish habit.

Chips ahoy!
I love nail theory, at least. But the reality is that whenever I put it on, I waste 30 minutes trying not to touch anything for fear of smudging it, inevitably smudge it anyway, then lose the entire manicure to irredeemable chipping within 3 days. After that, my nails start flaking and breaking, and it's usually 2 weeks minimum before they are recovered enough to put on another coat of polish. Today it's been almost 6 weeks since I last wore nail polish, and my nails are still wrecked. I think it is safe to say nail polish is not the cosmetic for me.

So I think I will bid adieu to my nail polish collection. Maybe I'll keep the clear polish because it's good for so many things (fixing pantyhose of course!) but on the whole, I think my life will be happier without 35 bottles of destruction cluttering up my shelf.

I wonder if you can donate nail polish to charity. If so, I have a lot to share!


Kristi Lonheim said...

That IS a ton of nail polish. I would guess that a women's shelter / halfway house would welcome your gifts.

Enjoy your extra time, even after Lent.

b said...

Loved the term 'personal adornment' -- I'm curious what falls under this heading. This is a brave thing to give up for Lent. You have me thinking... Thanks for this slice!

Judy said...

I can truly understand the amount of time that you are saving by not applying polish. I don't think I could give up nail polish (but I try not to buy a lot). My nails need the protection of the polish. Thanks for sharing.

Jackie said...

I wish I had strong nails. I don't use nail polish because my nails are so weak the polish seemed to draw attention to them.