Saturday, March 8, 2014

Weak stomach, strong friendship

Warning: Unpleasant bodily function story follows.

Thanks to a slight miscalculation of how much vodka I should drink in three hours, last night I found myself sitting on the floor of the ladies' room, resting my head on the toilet seat and puking out everything I had eaten the entire day. A friend of mine was a few stalls down doing much the same.

My boyfriend, before he set about the mundane tasks of rubbing my back and making me drink water, took a picture of me in my pitiful state, bless his heart, because he's snap-happy and without shame, and also, to him, drinking yourself sick is some kind of badge of honor (you should have heard how enthusiastically he was planning to get sick after his birthday party).

He was just pleased as punch (why did I say that word!?) by the events of last night. He told me this morning, being with people when they're at their worst makes for a great bonding experience. According to him, me and my friend a few stalls down have passed some milestone of friendship. He says moments like this are the fodder for great stories later down the line. And sure enough, she and I had a semi-pleasant chat this afternoon about our shared moment of misery.

My boyfriend also says you know who your true friends are by whether they stick with you when you're not exactly the best company. So he looks at the bad times as an opportunity to strengthen his relationships.

Well, if he wants to think of it that way, I'm sure not going to try and dissuade him. I'd rather he be pleased by my misfortune than consider me a disgusting barf-bag toting burden he has to drive home. But all the same, that's one bonding experience I would rather have not had.


bkitchen28 said...

Well, While I'd rather not have my boyfriend be taking pics of me at my wort, lol, he does have a point. It is at those exact moments- moments in need- that true colors shine. And hard moments, albeit around a toilet, do bring people close together. This is making me laugh... My sister always says big life events reveal people's true character. That's a different situation- sort of- but you get the idea. I hope you are feeling better! Great post.

Meg Blaze said...

HMMM. I think guys define friendship differently, ha ha. Great story, though. I love the first paragraph and your diction.

Vanessa Worrell said...

I think I "get" what he's saying. When I was severely sick (zapped by a mosquito and the dreaded west nile virus) I had friends that went through that with me and they're still my nearest, dearest and closest friends. They get it, and we appreciate each other more than ever before.

Vanessa Worrell said...
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Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear of your experience. Knowing how much you hate to show obeisance to the porcelain gods, an aversion that might be inherited, I'm sure you'd rather have skipped it. Its goddess that Al can find a positive side but I'm just positive I'd rather avoid it..


Anonymous said...

The word was supposed to be 'good' not goddess. I wasn't trying to impart gender to a toilet.