Monday, March 31, 2014


Thirty-one days of the Slice of Life Challenge have passed. At the beginning, I was gung-ho, excited to be able to share my thoughts and to have an excuse for blogging daily. But now that the month is over, I admit to being a bit worn out.

In 31 days, I never failed to post, though as I exhausted my stockpile of partially written posts and struggled to fit writing into my seemingly ever-busier schedule, my Slices published later and later, and the comments were fewer and fewer (could it be that other Slicers were getting tired just like me?). So yes, over this month, I have run out of time and energy.

But I have not run out of ideas! There were so many things I wanted to Slice about that I never quite got around to.

I wanted to discuss buying clothes online—specifically a cost-benefit analysis of the value of the clothes versus the likelihood of having to return them. Sounds thrilling, right? That entire topic fell by the wayside when I gave up self adornment for Lent.

I did think it might be interesting to share what I was doing instead of self adornment—things like learning Indonesian, putting together a Wordpress site, using my old nail polish collection to decorate a cookie tin....and of course, blogging—but there! I just told you in a sentence.

One day, I wanted to share the song I had stuck in my head. That cheesy country song about how life is like a game of poker. If I had to be listening to it in my mind, shouldn't everyone else as well? Oh, well, if you know it, you're probably hearing it right now. You're welcome!

This morning, I had a crown put on my tooth, and I really wanted to blog about that singular experience—but since I have a follow-up appointment in two weeks, I thought I might wait until then. And besides, I had an SOLSC recap to write!

I wanted to talk about web-development geekery: how much I love coding, and the pronunciation of "favicon" (that's also language geekery, by the way), but I decided given the audience of mostly non-developers, I could do more interesting things with my platform.

Speaking of my audience of non-developers, I was struck throughout this challenge by how many Slicers are teachers. I came dangerously close to a teaching career, so their stories were simultaneously impressive and terrifying to me. I wanted to say something about that, but I could never figure out exactly what.

Other half-formed topics are multitudinous: the similarity of the SOL logo to that of Slice soda, a the long-lost soft drink of my youth. The interesting phenomenon of my always-increasing need for sleep, and maybe my absolute awe of the people who can get up before sunrise and survive the day. The way gory movies are horrifying even when you can't see what's going on (like when someone in the room is always watching them on the iPad while you try to go about your day). My tentative attendance at AwesomeCon next month, and in a similar vein, a question: What is it that makes Game of Thrones mainstream while any other similar show would be considered geeky in the extreme? Speaking of shows, why are there no homely and/or anxiety-ridden TV heroines for me to relate to? Speaking of non sequiturs, is my ongoing consumption of dairy products contributing to animal suffering?

The questions go on and on. Serious and silly alike, every topic has a home in my blog. Stay tuned and you might see some of these aforementioned subjects dissected (or I might decide that my one-paragraph summaries here were good enough). The Slice of Life challenge may be over, but the Slices will forever keep coming—on a more sporadic schedule, thank you very much. 


b said...

The upcoming slices will be like an artist's continuation on album 2! You have some great just have to build them, right? And with space to do so, I have no doubt you will. I was thinking about you the other night when I wrote my slice about playing dress-up in my own closet -- could it be that I should've given up self-adornment for Lent? The answer is probably yes! Congratulations on slicing this month!!!

Maureen said...

I love that you put words down about the "unsliced" - what a great shows that you "have caught the bug" - there is even more to come! Now you have me thinking, what haven't I written!

Judy said...

Whoever thought at the end of a month that we would run out of days before we ran out of ideas?

Great slice.Hope to see you here on Tuesdays.

maria.selke said...

What a great idea to slice about the slices left unwritten! I also have a document full of little bits of ideas.. things I considered and discarded or decided to let them wait for another day... another slice.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes blogging everyday can make you weary and tired, but I'm glad you stuck with it! :) Looks like you have so many more slicing moments just begging to be written! Keep it up!