Saturday, March 29, 2014

To sweep, perchance to clean

There comes a time in every blogger's life when she just has to put aside her lofty goals of introspection, erudition, and other big words, and simply talk about her day. This is mine.

It started out, at least, as that favorite term, a "lazy Saturday." I got up about 9 after having gone to bed about 11.

But there the laziness ended. Once out of bed, I sprang into action, starting off the morning with a half-hour of yoga.

I was planning to take a shower and then eat breakfast, but I decided that since I was rolling, I'd better stay that way (and since I was sweaty, I might as well do the other dirty work on my agenda as well).

So I outfitted the bathroom with a box of baking soda for future cleaning, carried the pile of dirty towels into the basement for future laundering, swept the living room, and tackled the small tan spot on the floor that might have been a previously unnoticed puddle from the bad dog.

Having conquered the living room in quite short order, I then triumphantly returned to the bedroom, brandishing my feather duster and preparing for battle.

What was that smell? I don't know, but I vanquished it with vanilla scented wax in a small lamp.

About this time, my boyfriend rolled out of bed and warmed my heart by – completely unasked – dragging the vacuum cleaner into the bedroom to purge the rug of dog hair.

After a quick break for breakfast, I marched onward to the bathroom, where my baking soda awaited me. Sprinkling it liberally around the tub and following that with a generous spritzing of vinegar, I scoured the shower with the foaming mixture and a scrub brush. I was delighted to see the grey spots that I thought were permanent decorations on the bottom of the tub begin to disappear. While my scrubbing skills are prodigious, my attention span is not, so I considered it a job well done when the spots were "less grey than before."

I left the bathroom feeling like a conquering hero. I might still have bills to pay before I can call the day complete, but even that can't stand between me and the satisfaction of having finally finished the cleaning.


Lee said...

I love the title of this slice! :) It's also great to read about some environmentally friendly cleaning. I'd be inspired to pull out my own baking soda and vinegar if I didn't have a ball game to get ready for.

Kay said...

Yep, our days sound similar. I even started with yoga before tackling my cleaning! It is indeed a battle.