Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The things I do for a social life

Tomorrow I embark on a great journey to Ohio, which I will take with my "check engine" light on and a right rear turn signal lamp that periodically thinks it's dead! But at least I'll have a brand new oil dipstick!

Here's the plan:
Today I will run myself ragged doing garbage duty at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, which you should visit if you happen to be near Washington, DC before the fifth. There will be lots of good music and good food and good multicultural education and if you come today, you will see me rescuing recyclables from a sad fate in the landfill!

Immediately following the Folklife Festival, I will go to Columbia, which is 20 minutes north of College Park, which is an hour's ride north of Downtown DC, where I will be until 6:00. I will attempt to get there before my first choir rehearsal at 7:00, which will be impossible. But maybe there will be a thunderstorm and the Festival will end early. Maybe I will get struck by lightning, which would save me from having to do all this rushing around.

Immediately following the choir rehearsal, which I think ends at 10, I will go back to College Park and attempt to sleep, all the while worrying about what I have forgotten to pack for my impending visit to Ohio.

Thursday morning I will again get up bright and early and get on the road as soon as possible. After I have showered and packed food for the trip. And packed toiletries for the trip.

I will drive all morning and after about 4 hours will find myself in Ohio. Depending on what time I get to the Wooster area, I might meet Tiffany and see her new apartment. But only briefly.

Because right after that, I will make a stop in Ashland to return some of Todd's possessions to him. I just loaded them into the car yesterday afternoon. Boy, when they were all piled up in the attic, I thought there were a lot more. Oh. Yeah. There were. And I still need to get them out of the attic and into the car. In Ashland, I will stop at Hawkin's and Sweetie's to get my relatively-cheap Ohio junk food fix.

Then I will begin the familiar 2-hour jaunt to Toledo, where things get really murky. At this point, with all the stops I'm going to be making and the uncertain start time, I have no idea when I'll arrive. But after I do, I will quickly stop in to visit with my dad, also stop in to visit with Jon, and then crash at my mom's house. After, of course, greeting the dog, embarrassing the cats, and giving names to her baby chickens. I will then sleep.

Friday morning, I will take my time. I have high hopes of purging "my" room of more of my stuff. Those reference books I never use? I've got the internet! The graduation hat? I've got pictures. The icky cat-pee furniture? Maybe Mom already got rid of that. Val's Galorious Galorious Game? Ummm... I guess I'll shut up now.

After I'm done cleaning, I will make my way to Madison, where I'll meet Tiffany again! Tiffany is having a fourth of July party, but Friday I expect we'll just do catching up and hanging out.

On Saturday (that's the Fourth of July), Tiffany expects more of her friends to arrive. I will try to pretend they are my friends too. We'll see how that works. I think there must be fireworks. And partying. And whatever.

On Sunday, I will again get up bright and early. Probably dark and early, actually. I have to be at work, in Maryland, at 3:30 in the afternoon. Google tells me that it will take 6 hours 45 minutes to take the super-expensive toll roads back to my old College Park home. I will assume 8 hours, for traffic, bathroom breaks, and the like. Which means that if I want to arrive at my workplace by 3, I will need to leave Madison at 7.

Then I will work. From 3:30 to 9. I will pretend to be sprightly and customer servicey. Then I will leave work, go home, collapse, and thankfully have until 4:30 the next afternoon to do whatever I see fit!