Saturday, June 13, 2009

If I want to know how subscriptions to my blog are working...

I guess I should write in my blog!

Unfortunately, I don't have a nicely thought-out column like I sometimes do, so we'll just have to settle for random thoughts I've had throughout the day.

1) I really enjoy my co-workers. Working in a grocery store is intensely boring most of the time, and dealing with the customers can be frequently maddening, but if I can't manage to eke out a social life, at least I can work with people I like.

2) My nonprofit organization publishes statistics on beverage sales, wasting, and recycling. We email them for free to anyone who requests them. Sometimes I get emails that sound something like, "please send me information on the state of nebraska" or worse, "please send me this data". That's all. No capitalization, no punctuation, and no real information on what the sender wants. How do they know that the only data we give out is beverage market data? I usually reply to messages like this with a polite, "to what data are you referring?" (sometimes with no capitalization or punctuation out of spite, a nuance which I'm sure is lost on the recipient), but it does get so tiresome. I'd really like to reply to this Nebraska person with a link to But I think that would be dangerous, and I'll probably just have to stoop to their level and admit that I'm a mind reader and know exactly what information they want, and send it to them. It also bothers me that we have to use the word "data" quite so much, because as we all know, data is a plural noun, but no one uses it that in using it, I either have to resort to poor grammar or sound strange.

3) A few days ago, I decorated the boards at the store with hearts. Lots of hearts. A co-worker asked me, "Are you feeling romantic today?" and I replied, "Actually, today I think romance is deader than a doornail..." Then later I came up with a clever saying, which, for lack of any better outlet, I will share here:
Romance is dead. Let's cook it and eat it for candlelit dinner.

That does not sound entirely vegetarian.
I guess the theme for today's not-so-nicely-thought-out column was "work."