Tuesday, June 9, 2009

And to think some people actually pay their usability testers!

I know some of you missed getting email notification whenever I posted a blog entry. Since losing even one reader means I would lose most of my readers, I can absolutely not let that happen! Try this out! Subscribe to Val's Galorious Galaxy by Email

I had to sign up for Feedburner to do this, and it's kind of an experiment, so be sure to let me know (via blog comment, email, or phone if you are so privileged to know my number) if you have any problems or would like any additional features. I'll see what I can do.

I am really pretty happy at how much I can do with my Blogspot blog to make it better and cooler. One thing I miss is all the cute graphical emoticons that were built in to Bravejournal. But I bet there's a better and cooler way I can integrate them with Blogger. AND I'm really thrilled that if I'm typing and accidentally hit some combination of keys that would send me away from the page, a notification pops up asking me if I really want to do that. Not that that's even necessary, because Blogger saves my posts every few seconds automatically!

Well, that's all about my blog for now... But as long as I've got you testing my stuff for me gratis, why don't you head on over to www.valsgalore.com/contact.php and send me a message? I recently added my own custom CAPTCHA, and I'm curious to see if I made any gigantic mistakes or wrote any ambiguous, misleading, or poorly worded questions.