Monday, June 15, 2009

Pick up the mail that's addressed to you!

That's right, Buster! Pick up your mail! If you live in a house with other people, you have a responsibility to pick up your mail! I don't care if it's some catalog that you never requested. I don't care if it's another credit card offer you don't want; I don't care if it's an anthrax-laden solicitation from a charity you once offended by using their business reply envelope to send them hate mail! If it has your name on it, you pick it up and deal with it!

I live in a shared household where people move in and out fairly often. Although I have 4 other capable housemates, I personally take care of all the postcards addressed to "resident" and all the junk mail addressed to former residents. I pick up the College Park free newspaper that arrives once a week, and I even read it (OK, skim the headlines) because I feel like it's my civic duty. I reluctantly process all of the annoying sheafs of advertisements that fall all over the place when you pick them up. (I also usually end up taking out the garbage and the recyclables, but that's not really related to the mail.) I do all this without complaining because it also entitles me to pick up all the coupons and discounts and occasional free gifts that are sent to the household at large.

But I do not think it is my civic duty to pick up someone's mail when that someone is present and has the full use of their hands.

Look at that catalog on the table. Don't pretend you don't see it! You probably ordered something from this company, once, 14 years ago, and they have tracked you down through all your household moves and attempts to change your identity. It has your name on it. Don't make Valerie deal with it!

Oh. Maybe I'll try stapling the neglected mailpieces to the neglectful housemate's bedroom door. That would be vindictive and fun. :)