Saturday, April 4, 2015

Triple Chocolate Nirvana vegan sandwich cookie

Still hungry for Giant Cookie reviews? Here's a cookie I tried before I even went to Iceland.

While shopping at Mom's Organic Market, we found a large collection of vegan sandwich cookies which I'd never seen before, and best of all, they were giant! I couldn't decide among all the flavors, but my boyfriend wanted this one, so I did. Just like last time, he went straight for the chocolate cookie, which wouldn't have been my first choice, and, even more so than last time, there was too much chocolate for me.

It almost had the feel of raw cacao. The flavor was kind of bitter—very similar, actually, to the ABC double chocolate cookie.

As for the texture, I liked that better. It was crunchy around the edges, soft and chewy everywhere else, the filling even softer, and had chocolate chips to enliven the mouth feel.

For a small-batch vegan cookie, the price wasn't half-bad at only $3.99 for the entire 215-gram sandwich, adding up to 1.86¢ a gram.

The Bottom Line

Taste:3 out of 5 stars
Texture:4 out of 5 stars
Price:3 out of 5 stars