Sunday, April 12, 2015

A series of unfortunate events

It has been a very unlucky fortnight for me, so this is one of those posts where I entertain my desire to just vent.

It started months ago, when the power jack on my laptop started to go bad. It only costs 3 dollars for a replacement jack on eBay, so I could even fix it myself...but...have you ever tried to open up an Asus laptop? Hahahaha—just replacing a hard drive took my boyfriend nearly a half hour with all the screws, panels, and wires he had to move out of the way. Getting at a component like the power jack would be even more work (and may require soldering, which I've never gotten the hang of), so I decided that, for once, I would just leave the job to the professionals. Last Friday, I called my neighborhood computer shop, got an estimate for 100 dollars, and planned to bring it in on Monday, as soon as I had posted all the photos from my Iceland trip.

Last weekend started off on a great foot. My boyfriend and I went to look at a couple of houses for sale, and after the visits, I was seriously considering making an offer on one of them, when all of a sudden disaster struck. We were driving to meet a friend in DC when we got in a small car accident. Small, but destructive! A big dent was punched into my poor Korg's right front side, and the headlight and grill were completely knocked off. Since the accident was our fault, we are responsible for all the repairs, which add up to...I don't know yet, but I'm sure it won't be pleasant!

Already I was thinking maybe this was a sign it wasn't the right time to buy a house, when, the next day, my rabbit got into a high-speed chase with a couple of dogs and somehow managed to break his leg (the day before Easter, poor bunny!). Not many vets work on rabbits, and none do orthopedics on rabbits, so the cost of rebuilding him was astronomical. All last week, I was dropping tidy sums left and right on his medical care. As of today, he's cost me $4,231.37 and still rising. I'm calling him the Six Million Dollar Bunny, but I really hope he doesn't come to that.

The fun didn't stop there, though. Last night, on the way home from the Cherry Blossom Festival, I somehow misplaced my phone (I say "somehow" like this doesn't happen every couple days—but this time, I wasn't able to recover it). I am nearly certain that I left it in the Uber car, but all attempts to call the phone, leave a message on it, and contact the driver failed. When I got home, I was able to trace its location to George Mason University (not anywhere near where I had been), so I'm confident that the driver had it and was ignoring our desperate pleas to get it back. So now my faith in humanity is shaken AND I'm out 200 more dollars! And I'm definitely never using Uber for all my transportation needs.

My boyfriend keeps telling me it will get better in the future, but every time he tells me that, another bad thing happens, so this time, I'm sticking faithfully to pessimism. The world sucks and I will never be happy again!!