Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Llama Immortal

Today I'm going to share a little DIY project I did a few weeks ago. I don't often share DIY's here, but I do lots of them over on my fashion blog, since most of the finished products end up being wearable. But occasionally, instead remaking clothes into other clothes, I make clothes into something else entirely.

Case in point: The llama sweatshirt!

It was an oversized monstrosity with two-toned sleeves that I got way back when bulky sweatshirts were cool, and I wore it until they weren't any more. Last fall, my honorary aunt posted a throwback pic on Facebook of me wearing said monstrosity, so now you can see it in all its original glory.

I have a vague recollection of the sleeves being pilled and ugly and the fit being embarrassing before I finally decided to retire it. But I couldn't bear to retire the llama graphic as well, so I cut it out and kept it in my sewing table.

Then earlier this year, facing an ugly unused picture hook in my wall and an aversion to paying for art, I decided to get crafty.

A pair of jeans I had already mutilated in a failed refashion made the backdrop, the old cut-out llama was glued onto the center, a dowel salvaged from an old clothes-drying rack formed the support rods, and some string cut from too-long curtain cords held it all together. Tada! From unwanted sweatshirt to the perfect-sized wall hanging!