Friday, February 6, 2015

ABC Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie

As I mentioned once before, I really enjoy Alternative Baking Company cookies, in their fruity varieties far more than in the traditional flavors I usually go for in a cookie.

But for today's review, I've stepped back onto the beaten path and sampled an old cookie standby—the double chocolate chunk cookie.

The flavor of this cookie was a little too sour for my tastes—I find this is a common problem among vegan cookies, since they tend to use fruit for sweetener and often use bananas for binder. Although bananas were no part of this chocolate cookie, it still had that familiar vegan taste. It was OK, but the weirdness kind of overpowered the chocolate-ness.

The texture was not bad as far as vegan cookies go—though a bit more crumbly than your average egg-based cookie, it was soft and reasonably chewy. But I found it slightly too dry around the outside.

Sadly, in the time that I've been reviewing Giant Cookies, this brand has increased in price to $2.49, rising to 2.1¢ per gram, which is not such a good deal (although expensive is the standard for vegan cookies), so I've had to reduce the price rating down to 2 stars.

In short, while I'd turn to ABC cookies first if I ever became a full-fledged vegan, I would still prefer a standard egg-based cookie if I wanted to satisfy a chocolate craving.

The Bottom Line

Taste:3 out of 5 stars
Texture:3 out of 5 stars
Price:2 out of 5 stars