Saturday, February 20, 2010

I changed my mind

All right, let's end this uncomfortable silence. No more talk about broken hearts. Let's talk about my car. Again!

As you must surely remember from your faithful reading of my blog, in January, I named my new car "Axolotl." However, after several weeks of referring to the vehicle as such and feeling strangely dissatisfied, it occurred to me that I was wrong! Axolotl is a great word, but just because it's a great word doesn't mean I have to use it gratuitously!

A few weeks ago, a new name popped into my head. I thought about it. I turned it over and over in my mind. I looked out my window and mentally superimposed the word over my retinal image of the car. It looked right.

This word, fortunately, does not conjure up mental images of frilly-gilled amphibians. It sounds solid. Boxy. As a bonus, it's only one syllable, making it much easier to pronounce than the tongue-twisting name that I gave my car last month. (I suppose, now that I think about it, renaming the car every month is an interesting option...)

I worry sometimes that I will hurt my car's feelings by consigning it to an identity that emphasizes its plainness. But the new name has another side to it that's highly flattering. My identity-challenged car will almost certainly like its new name, because it has that sort of underground appeal, and it is associated with the coolest stuff in the world--electronic music!

Is the suspense killing anyone yet? The car's new name, at least until next month, is:


Anonymous said...

I just got a new car too.. an 05 corolla. I feel very guilty because Spice is still driving well. Just, her windows are stuck and the interior lights dont work and the rear defog doesnt work and the air conditioner doesnt work (and I at least need either windows or air con to work when it is 110 outside). Im having trouble coming up with a name too.. dang it... I liked both your names for your new car, I just am not as familiar with Korg. It reminds me of Borg. But not all people are like me so you should ignore me about that.


Amy Shipley said...

Our car's name is Beastie!

Valerie said...

Ahh, Julie, don't feel bad about abandoning your old faithful! I'm sure there's *someone* who can use a car with non-working windows. Maybe in Canada? Korg reminds me of Borg, too. But it reminds me more of synthesizers.

rayhoy said...

Next time I get a new car, in keeping with the instrument manufacturer theme, I think I'll name it, Fender.