Thursday, February 19, 2015

Truffle Mac & Cheese from Screwtop Wine Bar

On the way home from our Valentine's weekend trip to the mountains of Virginia, my boyfriend and I stopped at Screwtop Wine Bar in Arlington for lunch. I noticed the truffle macaroni & cheese on the menu but bypassed it in favor of spinach artichoke lasagna, which sounded like something I'd never get anywhere else. Fortunately, my boyfriend ordered the mac & cheese, so I was able to sample it for a review.

Apparently I don't like truffle, because that mac & cheese was probably the weirdest I've ever encountered. It had a vaguely sour taste and a flavor that I associate with mushroom ravioli. I like that flavor in the ravioli, but it did not suit my vision of a proper macaroni and cheese.
I wasn't too impressed with the lasagna either—it could have been greatly improved if the bits of spinach and artichoke were bigger, and it had been browned more around the edges—so all in all, my opinions of dining at Screwtop are not exactly favorable, although I can't speak for the wine that is their namesake.

As far as the macaroni and cheese goes, I rate it one sad noodle for tasting bizarre.

 1 sad noodle

The Mood Noodle rating system is not based on a fixed scale, but is a much more subjective system based on what makes me happy and what makes me sad.
Any number of happy noodles and comparatively few sad noodles constitute a good rating.