Thursday, February 5, 2015

A better day

I have to say, after the spectacular failure of our Florida trip, yesterday was a remarkably good day. I hesitate to brag, but I feel like I need to counteract all the negativity of my last let's hear it for the victories!

I solved two big problems at work (one of which—the mysterious non-updating module—had been plaguing me for days, and one of which—the Internet Explorer Black Screen of Death—was new but terrifying).

I had been experiencing some major social anxiety about going to our Drupal Users Group meeting in the afternoon, but by the time the meeting was over, I felt like part of the team again! And I got free pizza!

On the way home, the weather was extremely nice, and I was able to bike fast, breathe, and not lose feeling in any of my digits!

When I got home, I found I had been accepted as an author on the Refashion Co-op, a fashion/crafting blog I've been following with great interest for weeks, and I made my first post, which led to a new visitor to The Unfashionista and apparently even a Pinterest Pin! I feel like my fashion blog might finally be going somewhere!

I also discovered that the mysterious issues with my client's registration system had fixed themselves overnight, so all that stress dissolved in an instant.

For the past 2 weeks, I've been trying to arrange a karaoke night and get all my friends to join me. Me being Suzy Introvert, all this social networking (and by "all" I mean hardly any) has been extremely draining, but last night I got a solid yes (actually a "HELL YE-YAHHHH!!!!!") from one of the participants, so I am highly relieved that my effort is paying off.

And finally, I heard back from my would-be Airbnb hosts in Fort Myers. They have a strict no-refunds cancellation policy, but I'd written them anyway, hoping they could make an exception since the cancellation of my trip was beyond my control. For over a day, I had no reply and I thought they were just going to rudely ignore me. But then bam! An email came in, chock-full of sympathy and at least the possibility of a refund.

I was so happy from all these developments that I had trouble falling asleep at night (it may also have been the large portion of brownie that I ate before bed). So I'm a little sleepy today, but eminently pleased that my luck has improved.