Sunday, June 3, 2012

Wendy's Macaroni and Cheese

A few weeks ago, my father, a regular reader of this blog and well aware of my MacaroniQuest, sent me a link to an article announcing that Wendy's (a hamburger joint I stopped eating at after I became a vegetarian) was going to begin serving macaroni and cheese! Obviously I'm not the only one who thinks macaroni is a newsworthy subject.

I had my opportunity to try it out yesterday, when my boyfriend and I, looking for lunch after a long arduous shopping trip, found ourselves sharing a parking lot with a Wendy's.

The macaroni and cheese wasn't listed on the menu, although there was a huge sign proclaiming its availability as a "signature" side dish. Always the side dish, never the bride, is my macaroni. Since my boyfriend paid, I didn't notice the price, although the article states it is "around" $2.49.

It's been a long time since I've been to Wendy's, and their Frosty offerings have also expanded considerably since then. From nothing more than chocolate soft serve, Frostys now come in chocolate and vanilla, plus several flavors of shakes and parfaits! We couldn't resist ordering a strawberry shortcake parfait, which was about as good as you can expect from a fast food restaurant, but... this is about the macaroni! Sorry for the digression!

The macaroni I received was plenty to satisfy my appetite, and with our total meal coming to a little under 8 dollars (the BF ordered chili cheese fries, one of the other two signature sides), I have to say you can't beat the price.

There was real shredded cheese on top of my macaroni, and gooey cheese sauce under that. The noodles were big. If I have one complaint, it was that the noodles were much too soft—rather along the lines of the mushy noodles that come in minestrone soup, which I never eat. It's probably worth noting that the chili cheese fries were soupy.

I give the meal a happy noodle for finally finding something I like at a hamburger restaurant, another happy noodle for the real cheese topping, and a big ol' sad noodle for the mushy pasta.

1 happy noodle1 happy noodle  1sad noodle