Friday, June 29, 2012

Here's another sight I saw on my bike ride today.

A painted turtle on the asphalt with his legs tucked in his shell

Google says it's a painted turtle. I actually stopped for this one, unlike all my moving pictures from yesterday's post.

And then when I was done sticking my butt up in the air to the likely amusement of the passing cyclist whose shadow you can see extending across the path in the background, I removed the sight to the other side of the path, since I felt like he was in a hazardous location.

I love turtles. They're my favorite type of animal to rescue, since you know there's almost no chance of them biting you while you're only trying to help.

Not the case with spiders, of which I found a gigantic one in my bathtub when I got home. I got out a jar and hoped it wasn't a jumping spider. It wasn't. I put it outside.

Glad you have stopped by to read this disjointed account of my afternoon. Thanks, and keep your eyes open for the exciting sights life brings!