Friday, July 13, 2012

Two cookie reviews: Larry's Chocolate Chip Pecan, and Busch Gardens dipped cookie

I had another opportunity to visit Larry's Cookies at the Old Post Office Pavilion, and I am happy to report that they really are $8.99 a pound, as I came to doubt in my last review. I purchased two more cookies on that visit—a chocolate chip pecan cookie and a multi-layered brownie. The brownie was truly amazing, but since it was a bar and not a giant cookie, I'll review the chocolate chip pecan one instead.

The texture did not disappoint, being firm enough to hold together, but soft enough to pass the crumble test.

Sadly, I wasn't all that taken with the flavor. Maybe it was because I ate it in a half-asleep stupor, or maybe it was because my olfactory receptors had taken a time-out as they sometimes do, but I just didn't experience that moment of bliss I was hoping for.

The cookie was good enough, but it definitely didn't compare to the white chocolate cranberry cookie I enjoyed on my previous visit.

Giant dipped cookie from Busch Gardens.

I really dropped the ball on this cookie, neglecting to pay any attention to its cost or to its weight—which is why I'm just tacking it on at the end of the Larry's Cookie review.

It is no surprise that the appeal of a giant cookie dipped in white chocolate and M&M's lies not in its taste but in its novelty value. I didn't expect much of this cookie, and I didn't get much.

It didn't have a lot of flavor, and its texture was just mediocre—that is, a little crunchy and a little soft. Of course, biting into the layer of creamy coating and yummy chocolate candies was fun, and filling, but I would never vote this cookie into my hall of fame.

As I said, I didn't notice the price, but considering I had to pay a 50 dollar admission fee just to be in a position to buy it (and that was after a discount), I would not say that it is the most cost-effective cookie out there.

The bottom line: Buy this cookie as a souvenir for a friend, but don't go all the way  to Busch Gardens just to partake of this gastronomic pleasure!