Saturday, May 17, 2014

Macaroni from the Right Proper Brewing Company

When a beer-hating macaroni blogger finds herself at a brewing company of all places, what else can she do but grab a menu and hope for macaroni?

This macaroni was, fortunately, everything I could have hoped for.

It was salty, not mushy, topped with not just real cheese, but real cheese that was delightfully crispy in spots, was not beer!

I may just have to rate the Right Proper macaroni as my favorite macaroni and cheese to date.

However, considering how much desperate hunger (and a mortal fear of beer) might have played into my review, I will give it another eat sometime before I crown it with such a dramatic title. I will, however, rate it 3 happy noodles for all the qualities above-mentioned.

1 happy noodle1 happy noodle1 happy noodle

The Mood Noodle rating system is not based on a fixed scale, but is a much more subjective system based on what makes me happy and what makes me sad.
Any number of happy noodles and comparatively few sad noodles constitute a good rating.