Thursday, April 24, 2014

Peanut Butter Cookie from Woodmoor Pastry Shop

On Easter Sunday, searching for a lunch spot that was actually open, we ran across Woodmoor Pastry Shop in Silver Spring. They seemed to be doing a bustling business, and though I would conclude from their website that they specialize in wedding cakes, there was a good variety of baked goods at their shop, including several cookies.

There was only one variety, though, that qualified as "giant," and it barely squeaked by at 10.5cm. I have no information about its weight or price, considering my boyfriend bought it, and I ate it at work where there is no scale. So this review will be limited to taste and texture. I also forgot to take its picture, so this will be a very boring review indeed. To go with the boring cookie.

It was dry and floury for a peanut butter cookie, and the flavor didn't wow me. This is the kind of cookie that really needs some kind of icing or filling or embedded chocolate to make it worth eating. Maybe if you're the type who dips your cookies in milk, you'd like it. I just found it acceptable.

Taste: 3 stars
Texture: 3 stars


Geoff said...

You should have drawn the cookie :)