Tuesday, June 14, 2011

OMG (Stands for "Oooh! Musical Goodness!")

Today I posted the following as my Facebook status: "Sometimes I want to get up and do something else, but I can't because really catchy music is playing through my computer's headphones!"

That said, I think it's time for another discussion of really catchy music.... Although you and I probably have disparate opinions on what kinds of music are catchy.... And, in fact, I myself am somewhat mystified by my selections. 

Bonus tracks = just that!
Not too long ago, I downloaded a bunch of random music in the hopes that I would find something in it I liked. Surprise! I did! Even bigger surprise! The song that I liked the best was the rap track. My song of choice now is "Girls Fall Like Dominoes" by Nicki Minaj. The aspect that originally drew me was the epic dance stylings of the intro and chorus (not another surprise!), but after some consideration, I think (despite being unable to understand her half the time) that Nicki Minaj's voice is pretty cool too. What's coolest is this song is - according to Wikipedia anyway - an iTunes Store bonus track. Bonus tracks for the win! Many of my favorite songs are the ones that don't make it into the "official" portion of the album. Consider the organ-infused remix of Christian Brown's "I'm Stupid" that I'm still fond of, even though I'm not presently bitter about love like I was the last time I hyped this song

I'm bringing 2006 back
So, apparently, in 2006, Justin Timberlake's song, SexyBack, was all the rage. Apparently, it prompted the entire population of the country to start "bringing everything(/insert word of your choice) back." I missed out on this phenomenon, probably being too busy swooning over Madonna's 2005 hit, "Hung up." Being behind the musical times is my specialty, after all. When I finally did get around to hearing SexyBack, I don't recall being impressed. But fast forward to June of 2011, when I happened to hear it on a Pandora station I'd concocted. I still wasn't impressed.
Then the next morning, I woke up with bits of it clattering around in my head. It is probably the stupidest song ever made, but I couldn't stop thinking about it! The distorted vocals! The minimalistic electronic background music! The deliciously brainless repetitive lyrics! That crazy voice shouting, "Take em to the chorus!" What's not to love? 

Now that I have polluted your minds with two questionably tasteful pieces of pop music, I can safely say my work here is done. Stay tuned until next time. Or avoid staying tuned like the plague. That might be better for your health.


Geoff said...

I do *NOT* like this whore leeching off The Big Pink's "Dominos" song.


Valerie said...

I listened to the Big Pink version as soon as I found out that Nicki Minaj sampled/remixed it. They might be the original, but their version is so dull in comparison!

Geoff said...

But she swears!

Valerie said...

So do you.