Friday, June 17, 2011

Liz Lovely Peanut Butter Classics

As promised, another review of giant cookies is headed your way! Today's subject: Liz Lovely Peanut Butter Classics.

Liz Lovely Peanut Butter Classics.
A favorite among housecats everywhere.
I first experienced these cookies when a case of them was accidentally shipped to my store. When the distributor had failed to collect them after several months, they went into the communal pot, and I grabbed a few packages. I was entranced - free giant cookies! What more could one want? - but I wasn't doing cookie reviews back then. Let's see how they hold up when actual standards are applied to them.

A bag of two, which I bought at MOM in Columbia for $3.59, contains 180 grams of cookie--a fair amount. Price-wise, I'd say these are on a par with your average giant cookie. If they are a bit more expensive, it's because they are vegan and mostly organic. But taste-wise--that's what we're really curious about.

And the answer is: for a vegan cookie, not bad. There are several varieties, but I chose peanut butter because it is one of my favorite flavors. I didn't really detect much peanut in this cookie, but that could be due to my chronic stuffy nose--a good reason why I am not a food reviewer for a living. But it was sweet and chocolatey, and tasty enough.

Texture is probably the most important factor to me in judging a cookie, and these are a bit too crumbly for my liking. The entire bottom surface is coated in chocolate, so I'd been keeping them in the fridge to keep them from melting. But even after thawing, they were more brittle than I like my cookies to be. The golden standard for cookie texture is as follows: If you can break off a piece with your hand, without much effort and without propelling cookie crumbs all about the room, then you have a perfect texture. But alas, after attempting to break off a piece of this cookie, I had cookie crumbs propelled all about the room.

The bottom line: While these cookies are an acceptable fix for one's giant cookie craving, I will not be making any special trips to Columbia to procure more of them.

Taste: 3 Stars
Price: 3 Stars

Liz Lovely does make a chocolate chip variety that boasts a soft texture that's just like eating cookie dough--why I didn't choose that flavor, I have no idea. But the next time I happen to be in a place that sells these cookies, I will give them a try.