Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Well, I admit it. My plan to review the aesthetics of chocolate bars fell flat after just the first post. Who'd have imagined that, underneath the wrapper, most chocolate bars pretty much look the same?

But now, however, I have a food review idea that will actually work! Giant Cookies!

As a self-proclaimed Cookie Monster, I have an undiscriminating love for cookies of all types. Except the crispy ones--which eliminates about half the cookies ever made, so, never mind. It seems that in cookies, as in all other types of comestible, I am a picky eater. But I have a fairly strong love for cookies of most types. And, after years of cultivating my love for cookies, I can say this: Sure, you can eat 4 little cookies...but eating them in the form of one big cookie is a million times better! (Less crust, more soft chewy interior, for one thing).

Everywhere I go, I'm on the lookout for good cookies. Since I seem to be on a neverending mission to find the best giant cookie, I'm going to blog about it and make sure the readers of this blog find it too.

The rules to qualify a cookie as "giant" are simple: Any cookie with a diameter over 9 centimeters is fair game. That's all. I might revise these rules as the mission goes on, but for now, I'm sure that will keep me busy enough.

And now, I'll begin with an old standby:

The White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie by Così.

Così is a sandwich shop which I'm sure you've seen. And while they have a pretty good tomato-basil-and-mozzarella sandwich (known as the TBM), when at Così, I never fail to snag a pair of white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. A pair. Even though one of these cookies would be sufficient to feed an army of mice, I buy two, because they are just so fantastic!

There isn't a crispy surface on them. From the perfectly cooked (almost undercooked) exterior, to the delicious bits of white chocolate dispersed throughout, these cookies are pure chewy goodness. The bits of macadamia nut are admittedly a bit crunchy, but that adds just the right level of interest.

Così also sells brownies and blondies, which are good but kind of costly (not that the macadamia cookies are cheap--a set of two sets me back 4.50$ after tax), and some kind of round granola bar which I wouldn't touch with a 9-centimeter pole (that's right, they don't meet the size requirements anyway), and chocolate chip cookies, but why go with a classic when you can go with the tropical and exotic instead?

Maybe one day I'll review Così's chocolate chip cookies, but can they ever stand up to their blond cousins? Can any cookie? I might have started this review series with an impossible challenge.

But the show must go on! Should I add some star ratings? Sure, why not?

Taste: 5 whopping stars! (Out of 5)
Price: 3 stars.