Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Little Miss Sunshine peeks out

Sometimes, when reading over my blog, I get the feeling that a better name for it would be "Valerie Complains About Things." 

While I admit it's easier for me to see the cloud than the silver lining (besides – duh! – If clouds actually had silver linings, people would have ravaged the sky long ago to mine them!), I'm really not on a grinch-like mission to spread pessimism and bad cheer throughout the world!

It's just that I think writing is more interesting when it has a bit of bite. No one really wants to hear about how I followed a recipe to the letter and it turned out fine. There's no reason to write about a decision I didn't have any trouble making. Nobody is entertained by the tale of a good date that turned into a long-term relationship. At least I don't think so. Those aren't the things I like to read, so I don't bother to write about them.

But in case there are people out there who have been disheartened by the sheer number of gripey posts in my blog as of late, let me remind you that I'm not all bad moods and sarcastic observations. [Disclaimer: This post was started several weeks ago, so the good things mentioned in it are old news by now] I have, in fact, recently cooked something (not to a recipe, just with the dump-it-and-tweak-it method) that came out edible and almost delicious! Yesterday, I spontaneously chose to pick up and throw out this plastic bag that had been sitting on the lawn outside my apartment complex for days on end. That decision only took me a second, and it felt pretty good! I am, in fact, rounding out Year 3 of my relationship with my boyfriend (my longest streak ever!), which just goes to show (in spite of his taste in dogs), we are a happy couple.

Speaking of dogs and good things, last weekend, I organized all of the dog supplies into a new drawer unit that I got for free out of the garbage, which felt immensely satisfying. I had a really great yoga session. The Slime company sent me a new inner tube for free to replace one I'd gotten that was defective! I'm working my way up to 30 push-ups at a time (this time I'm doing it for real, all the way from the floor and back) and I'm in the home stretch! There is this melted candle in my craft supplies that smells so good, I can't help but smile every time I open the drawer! My boyfriend's mom says I take good care of him.* My landlord wrote me an email to tell me thanks for being a good tenant!

There are plenty of things to be happy about; I just don't necessarily think they are fascinating things to read about. But I wrote about them anyway. So there. I hope that makes you happy.

*My boyfriend, on the other hand, was offended that she thinks he can't take care of himself.