Monday, February 17, 2014

What does my sleepwear say about me?

My preferred sleepwear is shorts and a tank top—or, in winter, their warmer counterparts: lounge pants and thermal tees. According to this Who What Wear quiz (which is really not so much a quiz as a subtle nudge to consumerism), that means I put a premium on comfort.

Well, I guess that's more true than not—bed is one place where I think being comfortable is way more important than looking good. But probably my number-one reason for wearing loungewear to bed is because it's so sensible. Nothing does double-duty quite as well as my chosen sleepwear—which is, incidentally, the same as my weekend wear.

That means, on a glorious Saturday, I can roll out of bed and not bother to change for hours...and get away with it! If I were to, hypothetically, answer the door at 3pm in matched flannel PJ's, I'd give off the appearance of someone who is either sick or supremely lazy. But dressed in a pair of yoga pants and a T-shirt, I simply look like someone who's having a cozy day at home! Or maybe even is athletic! I can wear those same yoga pants to the grocery store, with little risk of the sidelong glances I would surely incur if I showed up in a cotton nightgown. With minor modifications, my sleep clothes can take me straight from bed to the gym without any social repercussions.

Money is, of course, a huge deciding factor. I could, and once did, consistently look all put-together in matched sets, but those tend to cost money, and why wear those when you can just repurpose your old clothes and not spend a penny?

And then, of course, we must be realistic. Much as I love them in theory, I've given up on silky numbers before even giving them a try, considering how my dry skin and flaking fingernails snag everything that isn't built for lumberjacks. So sensible, durable fabrics are my one and only.

I may have a slight obsession with dressing to impress (or at least make a statement), but when it comes to sleep and its associated garb, I will sacrifice all sorts of fashion in the name of practicality.

What does your sleepwear say about you?