Saturday, May 4, 2013

Macaroni and Cheese from the Maryland Smokehouse

When your coworkers all want to go to get barbecue for lunch one day, and you're a picky vegetarian, you groan and hope they serve macaroni and cheese.

Fortunately, the Maryland Smokehouse (a new independent restaurant, which always warrants special consideration) does (I might add, though, that their only veggie side dish is roasted zucchini and squash, which is gross).

I ordered it. It was soft and gooey, and had real cheese shreds on top, which is always a plus!

On the minus side, there was pepper in it, and you all know how I feel about pepper. This time it was black pepper, which is less offensive.

On the whole, I was not disappointed by this less-bland-than-my-usual-fare macaroni and cheese, though I probably will not go out of my way to order it again. I rate it one happy noodle.

1 happy noodle