Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Classic Mac from CapMac

City dwellers the country over seem to be in a happy frenzy over food trucks. They seem to think the food that comes out of these vehicles (also known as roach wagons, anyone ever heard that appetizing name?) is better than manna from heaven. Having never tasted manna, I'm not qualified to judge, but I'll take my meals out of a restaurant any day.

No standing out in line in the hot sun or freezing rain, and you get to eat off of reusable diningware instead of landfill-clogging disposables.

Nonetheless, while at the Cherry Blossom Festival on Saturday, I was obliged to taste the macaroni and cheese offerings of Cap Mac, a food truck that specializes in macaroni and cheese.

The only item on the menu that suited my meat-free diet was Classic Mac, so I got that. And within the first bite, I'd realized something sad. They had attempted to make their macaroni and cheese "fancy" by infusing it with spices or something, and I have to assume that they felt the spices were sufficient flavoring that they could forgo the world's best seasoning: good old fashioned salt.

As you can guess, I was not impressed. I checked their menu before posting this entry, and verified that indeed, they had put "pimento" into what might have been an otherwise good macaroni and cheese.

They had, however, topped it with broken Cheez-Its, which I thought was a nice touch.

Therefore, I rate this macaroni as follows:
One sad noodle for putting peppers in my go-to bland food.
Another sad noodle for not enough salt
One happy noodle for Cheez-Its!

 1sad noodle  1sad noodle 1 happy noodle


Jackie said...

Why oh why would they put pimento in the mac and cheese! I love your noodle smiles and frowns. You are so clever.