Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Smoothie King Chocolate Chip cookie

The chocolate chip cookie I purchased at Smoothie King had a decently soft and chewy texture, but it also had a weird sour aftertaste. In other words, it tasted like a health food. I guess I should have expected that of a cookie that I purchased at a health food venue. The label proudly proclaimed that this cookie lacked trans fat, cholesterol, dairy, or animal products of any kind. Show me a healthy cookie that I love more than a junky cookie, and I'll show you myself lying on the floor in shock. But for what it was, it was edible. If I were on a diet and all I could eat were Smoothie King cookies, I probably wouldn't complain.

I might complain about the price, though.  It cost something like 2.2¢ per gram, making it not the most affordable diet staple.

The Bottom Line:
Taste: 2 stars
Texture: 4 stars
Price: 2 stars