Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Chocolate Chip Cookie from Marché Burette

Within a few hours of arriving on Amelia Island, I had already discovered my first Giant Cookie.

It was hiding within the glass deli case at Marché Burette, the cafe and general store on Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort. Marché Burette, in addition to having some of the giantest cookies I'd ever laid eyes on, also had an excess of customers.

Our attempt to eat lunch there was solidly foiled, and so we vowed to come back later—perhaps to dine and most definitely to partake of a Giant Cookie. Maybe they would be less overcooked (as they appeared to be) the second time around.

Alas, they were not, and neither were they the third time, when we finally succeeded in having our lunch. They had just gotten over their lunch rush at 3 pm.

But this isn't a story of my dining adventures—no, it is a story of a Giant Cookie, and what a fine Giant Cookie it was!

As I mentioned before, it was big. Not content to be flat like normal Giant Cookies, this behemoth of a baked good rose proud like a mountain! Or at least a low hill.

Usually a Giant Cookie of such stocky proportions is rather on the tough side, and this one was no exception. Near its middle, it had a hint of chewy, but for the most part, I found it to be a hearty hunk of sweetness.

Not, mind you, that it was too crispy—most of the crunch came from the oats, which are a rarity in Giant Cookies that don't have raisins, so they were a welcome addition. But no, it didn't quite pass the Crumble Test.

The flavor — well, I don't remember the flavor, so it must have been unremarkable, but I did make note that the chocolate parts were yummalicious.

The price, though, that was a bit more memorable. Memorably good! Although I had to pay a whopping three dollars for a single cookie, I received 280 grams of the same, meaning it cost 1.07¢ a gram. Not too shabby.

The Bottom Line:
Taste: 3 stars
Texture: 3 stars
Price: 4 stars