Friday, February 22, 2013

Giant macaroni and cheese

It is not often when I eat a macaroni and cheese that my first words are, "This is awful."

However, that's what sprang to my lips after my first few bites of Giant brand refrigerated macaroni and cheese dinner.

The cheese was too salty, too liquidy, and had that disturbing artificial taste that I associate unfavorably with Velveeta.

It did not caramelize nicely in the microwave as Stouffer's does, hence I was forced to eat what could best be described as "vaguely cheesy macaroni soup."

The only good thing about this macaroni was that the pittance I paid bought me an entire massive tray of meal, so I still have at least two servings left! Oh, wait, that's a bad thing.

One sad noodle for everything!
 1sad noodle