Wednesday, September 26, 2012

2 Macs from Mac Shack

After I picked up my black and white cookie in Manhattan, my boyfriend and I made our way to Brooklyn to stay the night. As we walked to the hotel, a passing promoter pressed a flyer into my hands. I glanced at it. "Mac Shack," it said. I read the menu. It was all macaroni and cheese dishes, every one! And they hadn't even known I was a macaroni reviewer! It was like a sign from the gods. That night, we went significantly out of our way to pick up some macaroni at the Mac Shack.

I got the veggie mac. Normally I prefer my macaroni plain and my veggies on the side, but we were having trouble finding a source for vegetables that were not a six-dollar salad, so I made do.

I admit, it tasted better than it looks.

The macaroni was a little more upscale than your typical side dish, what with the 4 different cheeses and whatever that green stuff was on top. The vegetables mixed in did not ruin the flavor as I had thought.

However, perhaps the flavor was just a little too exotic for my taste. Mine was not salty enough (a common complaint I have) and so I traded with Rico, because he liked mine better, and his was saltier--he got the Brooklyn South, with "queso blanco, fontina, emmenthal, and gouda." But in Rico's macaroni, there was a sour flavor that I didn't detect until I'd already committed to eating it. Probably we would have done better to just order the classic variety and save the fancy stuff for the gourmands.

One happy noodle for all macaroni all the time!
One happy noodle for perfectly cooked macaroni!
One sad noodle for some weird flavors.

1 happy noodle 1 happy noodle 1sad noodle