Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Accentuating the Positive

Funny, for all my reputation as a cheerful person, I've mostly filled this blog with lists of things that annoy me. Of course, if you read often enough, you've probably gathered there are some things I adore, such as Giant Cookies, macaroni and cheese, and a well crafted sentence.

But today I'd like to do what I should have done long ago and compile some of my greatest loves in a real list, giving them the recognition they so richly deserve!

Little Doors

By this I mean doors to utility closets, attic crawlspaces, and the like—doors that would be just the right size for a dwarf, but laughably short and tantalizingly mysterious to a human of average height. What do they conceal? Surely behind them is a mysterious adventure of fantastic proportions!

Emotional Overload Music

It's no secret that I'm obsessed with music, but certain types of it stand a cut (or octave, get it!?) above the rest—specifically, songs that sound deliriously blissful and unfathomably sad at the same time. Songs like Jonas Steur's Simple Pleasures (Like all good trance, it runs long, so skip to 3 minutes if you want to get to the meat of it right away—and for your ears' sake, turn down the volume! I've never heard such a loud recording!). If anyone asked me what being in love feels like, I would play them this song—but they never do. A few years ago, Sundawner's Krystal Dreams (Marcus L. Remix) filled this role for me, so it wouldn't hurt you to try that one as well. I can't believe that this, one of my favorite songs, hasn't yet been featured in my blog!

Falling in Love

Sure, heart-stopping music is a good substitute, but there's no thing like the real thing. And that's all I have to say about that.

CSS Layouts

I only have one shirt that says I ♥ anything, and that's CSS. If you are not a Web geek, you might not even know what CSS is, but if you are, you know that it's the language that describes how things look on the Web. CSS is that magical language that combines two of my favorite things: written syntactical language, and pretty designs!

Chemical Pleasures

Some people turn to nicotine or liquor to give them their fix; all I have to do is sniff a band-aid. Or open a new inflatable water toy. There's something about plasticizers that just makes my heart melt. Also, probably my brain cells.

The Wrong Side

Have you ever looked at a tapestry or a bit of brocade...from the back? It is almost invariably prettier than the front. The colors are inverted, and what on the front looks like tiny detailed patterns, on the back shows up in wide blocks of pure color. And I love me some color! This picture is a pretty good example.