Tuesday, March 20, 2012

This is a test.

I'm in sunny Denver, typing this on my iPad in a hitherto untested mode of blogging. I brought a laptop with me, generously lent by my employer, and when I arrived at my hotel room and turned it on, it immediately turned off because the battery was dead. I Plugged in the charger, which failed to perform to expectations. somehow the charger died between my office on friday and denver on monday You'll have to. Excuse a few typos and weird capitalizations because typing on an iPad is only marginally easier than typing on a phone, which I hate. And trying to go back and fix your mistakes is definitely an exercise in maintaining your sanity.

But anyway, I'm here to talk about Denver. When my. Coworker and I arrived late last night, we were dismayed both by the cold and the flat landscape. As we stood jogging in place (ok, only I did that, because I value warmth more than I value my dignity) for thirty minutes while waiting for ouR rental car shuttle, we commented on how we could not see any mountains.

Well, when the morning sun peeped into my (palatial) hotel room this morning, they revealed themselves, majestic and snow-capped, on the horizon! Too bad I can't shoW you, because you can't uPload pictures from an iPad.

You also may be interested in how I nearly missed my flight due to a poor choice of Metro lines on the way to the airport and a poorly laid out airport that failed to indicate that the ticketing area I was in was not the ticketing area I needed to be in. The two mistakes cost me a half hour of traveling out of my way and wandering futilely, but I made it! And was actually the second-to-last person on the plane! I dream of a day when I will not have to beg every person in the security line to let me go ahead of them.

In 10 minutes I must be downstairs for breakfast and a conference, so I shall close now, but you can look forward to more tales of my Denver hijinks--as long as I can overcome my distaste for this keypad enough to write on it again.