Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Stouffer's Macaroni and Cheese

This entree was a staple in my childhood diet. One evening a week, my mother would work late, and that evening, my father would exercise his considerable culinary talents and pop one of these in the microwave for me and my brother.

It was almost always my favorite meal of the week. The glut of carbs! The cheese! The way it caramelized into a brown crust around the edges! I ate it one noodle at a time, savoring each bite.

These days, I've discovered fancier macaroni dishes at restaurants, but for ease of preparation and plain-old comfort-food value, Stouffer's macaroni can't be beat. Now they're even making this Farmer's Harvest variety which is made with whole grain flour (mixed with processed white flour), so it's even marginally better for my health!

One happy noodle for the crispy edges,
One happy noodle for the memories!

1 happy noodle1 happy noodle