Wednesday, February 10, 2010

'Snow way I'm gonna use one of those bad puns like "snowmageddon"!

I remember the first year I lived in Maryland, all starry-eyed and in love--in love with the climate, that is.

After having spent the past four years freezing to death in Ohio (I spent the rest of my years before that in Ohio, too, but that was before I turned poikilothermic), I was charmed by the Mid-Atlantic's weather. I found Maryland summers to be hot and muggy and long -- just the way I like 'em -- its autumns to be mild and colorful, and its winters to last what seemed like about a week before getting on with the delights of my favorite season, spring.

Apparently my findings were wrong. This winter has been cold and long and snowy. The past week, I have pretty much done nothing but sit at home under a steadily accumulating pile of snow that now equals something like three feet. Twice now, my place of employment has closed due to road conditions. That never happened in Ohio. The street I live on has not been plowed, and since Friday, I have seen 5 separate vehicles get stuck on it. I think in general, Ohio is better equipped to handle large amounts of snow, but I don't remember ever getting 3 feet of snow in Ohio, either.

Hello! I didn't increase my cost of living by 42% for this! Someone turn off the snow and deliver me to Costa Rica!