Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'd put a lyric here, but I think I've used it before.

So, sometimes, I have this overwhelming urge to quote song lyrics, even if they have only the most superficial resemblance to the issue at hand. Today I have all these lyrics crashing in and out of my head, and I'd like to quote them all.

I'll start with, "She says she's tired of life; She must be tired of something!" even though I'm not really tired of life, and I can certainly be more specific about what I'm tired of than "something." And then I'd like to increase the hostility level a bit and quote two songs that both have to do, strangely, with divorce (one of them's about a guy who would hate his ex-wife if it weren't for his two kids, and one of them's about a kid whose parents are getting divorced) and both, coincidentally, have the same lyric--"I hate everything." And I quote them even though I don't hate everything--just most things.

End rambling intro.

Remember that post so long ago when I said I'm too picky? That's what all those song lyrics are about. I hate most things. I'm tired of everything.

I'm tired of my job. Working at a grocery store is pretty unrewarding. Much more so when you don't get free food. I'm tired of freelance design. I think I should go into software engineering. That's where all the money is, and it doesn't require you to be creative on demand. Yes, with one class left in my academic program, I am suddenly wondering, "Why did I choose this direction for my life?" This seems to be a common theme among me.

I'm tired of my housemates. I'm looking for a new place right now, but it's going to be pretty darn hard since I'm so picky. It must be within a mile of a Metro station. Unless I get a new job and can leave my job in College Park, it must be on the green line. It must be under 500 dollars including utilities, the other tenants must be friendly. It must have windows and not be in a basement and must have room for all my stuff, which is still too much even though I keep trying to get rid of it.

I'm tired of green shirts. Why am I always wearing a green shirt in all my pictures? Why, even though I'm tired of green shirts, do I keep buying every green shirt I can find because I just like green more than all the other colors?

I also hate having a tan. It makes me feel like I've failed in my efforts to be an anti-trendy warrior for nerd-dom. I have a tan right now. I weep.


Julie said...

hey.. a tan that happened on accident is fundamentally different than a tan purposefully acquired for looks. There are lots of ways to be anti-trendy while having an incidental tan.

Hey and having too many green shirts is better than having too many of most other colored shirts (except maybe blue!) Anyway I think i remember a time when you said you had too many blue shirts, and that in all your pictures you were wearing blue. At least you have too many nice shirts and you look good in all of them that i've seen (and I'm sure all of them that I haven't seen too!)

Yeah I'm tired, SO TIRED of work too. I'm guessing that work of any sort becomes tiresome after a while. Jon and I talk about this frequently: why did we grow up as children with summers off and time to run around and enjoy life when all it did was create this false sense of what life was supposed to be like? Now as "adults" we have to work just to survive, and it's usually stressful and wearisome and not at all what we thought life was about. And it seems we spend the majority of our time working...
Speaking of which I need to get ready for work...