Thursday, July 16, 2009

A blog to match my attention span

Can't focus! Can't be brilliant and longwinded (true; I can always be longwinded, but right now, not brilliant at the same time). So here are some thoughts that have been amusing/puzzling/plaguing me all day. From a time when I was much more brilliant.
  1. Today I was sitting at a restaurant at lunch, and a lady wandered in, said she was learning photography, and asked if she could take some pictures of me. I said sure! She said she was working for NPR. I guess this means I have a face meant for radio.
  2. I was also at work today, and some rowdies came in. OK, maybe they weren't rowdies, but they definitely had made it their goal to flirt with every female who passed in front of them. They were at the coffee table, trying to figure out what the milk was. "Is this milk?" "It says, 'MOMs Organic Whole Milk.'" To me: "Are you Mom?" Me to them: "The store is MOM." Them to me: Some other rowdy nonsense plus, "You look wholesome." I guess I'll take it as a compliment. Even though how it fits into a discussion about milk is not something I prefer to think on too deeply.
  3. Speaking of Mom...I think shopping for someone else's baby has to be almost as bad as actually having a baby. That's what I did this afternoon. Shopping. Not having. After I was done, I wanted to run around in circles and scream.
  4. A constant source of mystery to me, addressed bluntly at last. Yes, today was full of compliments, disturbing and otherwise. The person I was having lunch with said, "I'm actually kind of surprised you're unattached." I told him I guessed that was a compliment? But what I really thought was, "Yeah, why am I unattached? It's not fair!" and then, to him, I answered our question. "I guess I'm too picky." Oh, sudden enlightenment comes crashing down! The truth spoken before I even knew it was the truth. There's more to the truth than that, and it has to do with how you define "attached," but since I can't be brilliant, I'm certainly not going to elaborate on this touchy subject.
  5. I've developed a new one to add to my versatile list of mottos: "The party always gets better when you retreat to the kitchen and start playing word games." I think this one has potential. Yes. One day my little saying will supersede "E Pluribus Unum."
  6. Oh, here's another one: "Understatement is the better part of valor." I don't know what it means. But it sounds wise.
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