Monday, June 30, 2014

Macaroni and cheese from Barrel

My boyfriend and I got dinner on Saturday at a new place (to us) called Barrel, because, we noted after a cursory examination of the menu, they had macaroni and cheese for me, and beer for him.

I'll get right to the point. The macaroni and cheese was divine. As soon as it arrived, it made a good impression, what with being served in its own cast-iron casserole dish and topped with breadcrumbs.

But it's the taste that really matters in a macaroni review, and that did not disappoint.

My first bite was a burst of flavor, gooey, cheesy, and with just the right amount of salt. This mac and cheese had a unique taste to it that I identified as horseradish. You would not think I would enjoy a horseradishy macaroni, but as a matter of fact, I did. I had to force myself to stop eating and save the other half for later, because I really wanted to gobble up the whole thing right then, stomach ache though it might cause.

If this macaroni and cheese had one fault (and really, I'm just grasping for anything here), it might be that the cheese sauce was kind of thin. But as it cooled, it congealed to a perfect texture that I really can't complain about.

I am not alone in my glowing assessment of this dish. Al, after trying one bite of mine, ordered a second dish just for himself.

In the end, I rate this macaroni and cheese as follows:
One happy noodle for the perfect taste
One happy noodle for the perfect presentation
One happy noodle for the unique horseradish kick
1 happy noodle 1 happy noodle1 happy noodle 

The Mood Noodle rating system is not based on a fixed scale, but is a much more subjective system based on what makes me happy and what makes me sad.
Any number of happy noodles and comparatively few sad noodles constitute a good rating.