Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June 12: Labuan Bajo

On the morning of June 12, our party split into 3 separate groups. Finally, after 13 days vacationing with family, Al and I got some time to ourselves! We were taking a 3-day excursion by boat to some smaller islands in Indonesia, starting in Labuan Bajo (on the island of Flores).

Our flight there was in smaller propeller plane, which gave me the willies, but it was all worth it for the landing, when we saw the hundreds of tiny volcanic islands jutting out from the ocean! I would have paid money to take a photo of that, but sadly I had left my camera’s battery in my carry-on, which had been unceremoniously taken from me when we boarded the plane.

I guess I was vindicated by the spectacular view we had from our hotel. Al and I were staying just one night in a cute little inn on the mountainside, called the Golo Hilltop Hotel, where we had our own private cabin and a fantastic view of the ocean.

We took a brief excursion into the city in the evening, and explored the shops, which weren’t anything to get excited about (mostly just tour operators), and the open-air market, which was downright scary (stinky piles of fish just lying out in the open air). I took a picture of the oranges, which weren’t nearly as disturbing.

Al in the office of our tour operator

But soon it was back to our hotel, where we watched the sun set from our balcony.

Then we closed out the night with milkshakes, which were nothing like the rich delicious milkshakes I’m used to, but instead were much more fruity, less thick, and less sweet. I would have been disappointed if I hadn't also had a brownie to eat that I'd picked up at lunch time.

It was only 8:30-something when we went to bed. I concluded as I drifted off, that if there was one thing that was consistent about this whole trip, it was that I was never able to sleep normally. [Spooky foreshadowing:] The seaborne nights to come would only reinforce this conclusion.


Jackie said...

How beautiful! What a great trip with so many activities! I am glad you did not take a picture of those poor fish at the open market. 😄

Anonymous said...

You two look naked!

Anonymous said...

Your first picture is very nice. The last one is too, but you both do look naked.