Saturday, September 4, 2010

Short Shorts

Today, I present to you a few random thoughts about various topics that just don't have the stamina for a full-fledged entry on their own.

That's not a chicken, that's a ... chicken.

In the store recently, I was privy to a conversation between a mother and her young son, which ended with the mother telling her little protégé, "That's not a chicken--that's a rooster!" Parents, why must you propagate this kind of misinformation to your offspring? Roosters and chickens are not mutually exclusive. Roosters are, in fact, a subcategory of chickens. The female counterpart of the rooster is known as the "hen." Do I need to draw you a Venn diagram?

While we're talking about chickens

Do you ever have days when one moment, you're in the depths of despair, and the next moment, you're whistling the Chicken Dance? I do. It's disconcerting.

A brief history of technology

In the Stone Age, they invented the wheel. In the Iron Age, they invented the ferrous wheel.
Sorry if that one's already been done.

Rhymes with English

Here's a new word for all you whose love for language overshadows your love life: "singlish." Use it to describe your relationship status when you are in love with someone who doesn't love you back, are in the middle of a breakup, have a long-term friend with benefits, are hopelessly addicted to someone you've only met online, or are otherwise indisposed to starting a new relationship even though you're not technically in one. It turns out I didn't invent this word, but I only found it in use after I'd already thought it up on my own, so I consider it my own ingenious invention. And what a useful invention for me, since I'm about as lucky in love as a soldier ant. Now I'll have a single concise word to describe my numerous failures--much better than my usual "Uuuhhhh..."

Yeah, I did have to draw you a Venn diagram.


Geoff said...

What a misleading title this was.

Tariq said...

Hah, a ferrous wheel in the Iron Age. How...Ironic!

Anonymous said...

LOL i love it!