Thursday, September 9, 2010


There are so many things I just can't work up the energy to do right now, even though it would be a really good idea. Here they are:
  1. Designing nametags for Global Deposit Summit attendees
  2. Investigating restaurants for Global Deposit Summit dining options
  3. Replying to potential client about website SEO
  4. Posting content on current client website
  5. Listing things on eBay
  6. Working on that music video I've been making
  7. Playing that computer game I've been playing
  8. Decorating that T-shirt that needs resuscitation
  9. Submitting that T-shirt design to
  10. Paying the bills and organizing the receipts
Here's what I feel like doing:
  1. Carrying boxes up to the attic
  2. Delivering a letter to the mailbox down the street
  3. Reading
  4. Crosswords
  5. Making lists
My body has not been good to me of late. Here are some things that are wrong with it.
  1. Tonsillitis followed by a head cold last week
  2. Terrible stuffy nose, likely due to allergies, today
  3. Arthritic left hip, especially after a period of inactivity
  4. Strained left elbow from ??? finally getting better
  5. Dry lips cracking on the left corner
  6. Arthritic left wrist that gets contrary whenever I work it too hard
  7. Right big toe that erupts into pain if I stand on it wrong
  8. Bruised right knee from various encounters with milk crates
  9. Sprained back from lifting crate of cheese this morning. Ow, ow, ow.
Numbers 1 and 2 inspire me to create this more in-depth list about my chronic stuffy nose--a source of continual agony to me. I keep resorting to ever more novel remedies that mostly don't work. Here they are:
  1. Sudafed PE (ineffectual)
  2. Sudafed original (possibly works if I double the dose and don't have too stuffy of a nose to begin with)
  3. Claritin, Alavert (ineffectual)
  4. Oxymetazoline HCl (works like a charm, but can only be taken for 3 days and cannot be used "frequently")
  5. Benzedrex (works pretty well, but also can only be used for 3 days and not "frequently") 
  6. Vicks inhaler (ineffectual)
  7. NasalCrom (Does it work? Doesn't it? Not very well if it does, but I keep taking it anyway)
  8. Benadryl (Doesn't work, but helps me fall asleep when I can't breathe)
  9. Aspirin (ineffectual)
  10. Ibuprofen (ineffectual)
  11. Saline drops (Slightly helpful for 5 minutes)
  12. Blowing nose (helps for about 2 seconds)
  13. Plastic surgery (works until septum reverts to its pre-surgery crooked state and gets inflamed with ever-increasing frequency)
  14. Exercise (I can usually breathe as long as I am upright and moving about. This works until I get tired.)
  15. Steamy shower (ineffectual)
  16. Turmeric suspension in water (Tried this for the first time today. It might have helped. It might have just been a fluke)
Alternate routes to relief of stuffy nose for consideration
  1. Visit allergist and learn if there is an avoidable cause of congestion
  2. Visit ENT and learn if my deviated septum is more devious than originally thought and whether it's advisable to try and have it straightened again (not my idea of a fun time)
  3. Acquire prescription for decongestant that actually works
  4. Drill new hole in nose. At this point, this is sounding pretty appealing.
**Edit September 10: Add my left knee to the list of physical ailments! Must've strained it while walking funny yesterday to avoid hurting my back.**


    Geoff said...

    I have a list for you but you have to guess the topic:

    1. Turtle Wax
    2. Eggshells
    3. Barq's Root Beer
    4. Battlestar Galactica
    5. Abraham Lincoln