Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Panera chocolate chip cookie

In my work as a Giant Cookie blogger, I have reviewed a passel of cookies from Panera.
Yet somehow, in my vast experience, I never got around to blogging the common, classic chocolate chip cookie. Until yesterday.

Then I unwrapped the cookie, generously bought for me by my boyfriend for breakfast on Sunday, and treasured unopened for a whole day, before I devoured it. My other experiences with Panera cookies indicated that I'd probably find this one pretty tasty.

In order to give it the fairest review possible, I prepped my tasting powers with a hefty dose of nasal decongestant. Somehow this didn't seem to completely restore my sense of smell, but I soldiered on, concluding that, despite my crippled olfactory system, the cookie still tasted good. It wasn't too sweet, it wasn't too salty, and it wasn't skimping on the chocolate chips.

But its real winning point was the texture. Soft, yet with a thin crust, it was, to the poet in me, as a thin layer of ice that has formed in the sun on a deep bank snow. Sometimes only the center of the cookie is truly the perfect texture, but this cookie was just right, almost right to the edge.

The Bottom Line

Taste:4 out of 5 stars
Texture:5 out of 5 stars