Tuesday, January 7, 2014

"Pasta Macaroni" from Eurasian HotPot

When I went to Eurasian HotPot for my boyfriend's family birthday dinner, I was not expecting much. Not a fan of Asian food, am I (why ever did I choose to get involved with an Asian man!?) But no one else in the party was particularly delighted, either. Especially with the prices.

Whatever. The "Eur" part in the name ensured, at least, that there were some dishes more to my liking, and of course I took the opportunity to try their macaroni. But then it was so underwhelming, I forgot to review it for weeks after eating it.

OK, to be honest, it was very well prepared and had some interesting weird flavor that I now can't remember. All in all, I liked it, except that it was rather short on cheese. Why do you think I eat macaroni—for the noodles?

So I give it one happy noodle for being interesting, and one sad noodle for not having enough cheese.
1 happy noodle 1sad noodle