Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tortoise & Hare Macaroni

I like going to bars for lunch because they are so often so quiet at that time of day. At Tortoise & Hare in Arlington, my boyfriend and I had the entire restaurant to ourselves, but for a few hardcore patrons sitting at the bar. The ambience of the restaurant, however, is neither here nor there, as I am here to write about the macaroni.

I ordered a sandwich with a side of macaroni and saved my side of macaroni for another day.

I did try a few bites while at the restaurant to ensure an accurate review, and my impression was, "pretty but bland." The plate was sprinkled with parsley, which I loved, and the pasta with shredded cheese, which I loved even more, but the flavor was less up my alley. It was sort of mild but slightly tangy, and, as is a frequent complaint of mine, not quite salty enough. The shredded cheese on top was, however, and you can always add salt, which is probably a better way to do things than put in too much salt from the get-go.

I guess my least favorite thing about this macaroni was the texture. I found the noodles a tad too soft, and with no breadcrumbs or anything to perk it up, it proved to be a pretty unexciting eat.

One happy noodle for not making me sad, One sad noodle for not making me happy.

1 happy noodle  1sad noodle