Monday, May 23, 2011

Do you read me?

I was going to write a real post today, with lots of deep musings on the intricacies of English grammar, or perhaps my feelings on babies, or being left-handed, or the coolest things I've heard in music lately, but then I signed into my blog.

And I looked at the home page.

Now, ever since I came up with this layout, I've been kind of ambivalent about the color scheme. The black text on the blue background has always been a little hard to read for me, especially on those days when my eyes are dry and blurry (most of spring, summer, fall, and winter). When I got my new computer, which crams 142 pixels into an inch and turns graphics that were once the length of my whole hand into the length of my finger, all of a sudden, my blog was miniscule. The type became infinitesimal.

I thought about perhaps redesigning for better legibility. But then I thought I should ask my readers. What do you think? Would you prefer more contrast between the words and the background? Would larger type make you happy?

And – dare I even ask it – is the celestial motif just galactic overkill?

Eh, don't spend too much time on that question, cause I'm unlikely to change it.

But do comment below about what you think works and what could be improved. I can't do it without you!


Geoff said...

It's fine but I know what you mean about it seeming small on a newer computer/monitor.

If you really want to change, which I think you do, make a big obnoxious logo. And do everything in pink.

Anonymous said...

I think I agree with the pink idea. Now it would match your hair...

Anonymous said...

I like the blue! but then you know I always like blue. It's easily readable for me...