Friday, March 26, 2010

Dance Dance Reloaded

For a clever title that ingeniously combines a whole series of movies and a video game into just 3 words, look above. For a continuation of last post's delightful discussion of dance music, look below.

As I mentioned last entry, I've been hearing some dance music on the radio lately. Unfortunately, the dance music I hear on the radio tends more toward house and less toward the trance that I prefer, and – much worse – seems limited to insipid lyrics about one very limited subject. Why is it that every dance song that makes it onto the pop charts has to be about dancing—Hey, dance music! Get over yourself!

Two songs that are big now are "Evacuate the DANCE floor" [capitalization my own] by Cascada, and "TiK ToK" by Ke$ha [capitalization her own], which is an unflattering account of her clubbing habits. Add that to the fact that Ke$ha has annoying voice and an annoying habit of using symbols for letters and capitalizing in inappropriate places, and you have a recipe for disappointment.

Lady Gaga does somewhat better. Of her four dance hits of which I'm aware, three of them have nothing to do with dancing, and one of them is a personal favorite of mine. But the other one? "Just Dance"? Come on, Lady! Buck the trends a little! I thought you liked to live on the wild side!

Anyway, since the pop charts won't allow me to get my dance on to anything but self-congratulatory tales of girls going clubbing or behaving badly or usually both, I'm forced to search elsewhere for my kinesthetic fix.

Did you know that on Monday, I went to my first concert ever? I'm not talking about the kind where you sit in an auditorium and sedately page through your program. I'm talking about the kind where you stand in a room with flashing lights and cheering humans, and dance around while the bass thumps through your feet!

After 26 years of living, I have finally arrived!

The concert was a performance by VNV Nation, which is described variously as "Industrial," "Synthpop," "Futurepop," and "Electronic Body Music"—or, by those who wisely choose not to classify the unclassifiable, "Electronic." Technically, theirs is not "dance" music, but at the concert, there was still a whole lot of dancing going on. Top that off with a delightful LED light show and lyrics that had nothing to do with the music, or DJ's, or the dance floor, or the club, and everything to do with...well, actually I don't know, because I wasn't paying attention. But I hear tell the lyrics are thoughtful and smart. Which wins them points in my book, should I ever choose to drag my attention away from the spine-tingling synthesized basslines and actually listen to the words.

All in all, it was a good choice for my debut into the world of contemporary concert-going, and a good way to forget the agony of idiotic party girls "trying to get a little bit t...i...p...s...y..."